asian paris

35 € / adult, 5 € - child (minimum 2 people) (~3 hours)

Have you ever thought that, having arrived to Europe, it is possible to appear in the real Asia? No? - Then it is a right time to jump into the bright, active and energetic Asian life which is located in Paris!

Our guide will meet you near your hotel, and he will guide you to the well-known Asian quarter of Paris (the biggest in Europe) where you will be able to see real Asia with its people, food, shops and finally dayly life! You will visit hidden Buddhist temple, typical asian supermarket where you can buy any type of exotic fruits, different chinese herbs, spices, tea, - and also our guide will show you where to buy the real Peking Duck, to drink fresh coconut juice and to taste the best asian food ;)

We will do our best for you to remember this asian day in Paris =)