castle of the writer

120 €

(train ticket (there&back) ~ 11 €/person and entranse fee ~ 10 €/person (children less than 10 years - free) are additionally paid by you)

Not far from Paris, in the beautiful valley of the Seine river, there is a charming castle of one of the most famous French writers. We would like to keep his name secret until the day of our jorney ;)

Having finished the first part of his novel, he decides to build not only the house for himself, but also to realize his dream - to build a house next to it which is dedicated to the main caracter of his book, and also to build it exactly the way he imagines it.

Our tour includes not only an excursion to this castle of the writer, its gardens, the castle of the main caracter of the book, but along the way we will also see a small French town,a beautiful park and a majestic castle, which has his roots in the 12th century.

We invite you to make this exciting journey with us!


1) Morning: meeting with a guide near your hotel in Paris and departure to the RER station Gare de Lyon.

2) It takes about 40 minutes by train to the town.

3) Tour in the town, visit of the park and quick look at the big castle of the town


castle № 1 ;)   (~ 1 hour)

4) Lunch. Our guide can advise you a very good restaurant. There you can taste traditional french cuisine. Average bill is around 30-40 € per person. Or you can take your lunch with you from Paris. It is up to you.

5) After lunch: Castle of the writer and The house of the book's main caracter (!) (~ 1-1,5 hour tour) 

6) Return to the town.

7) Back to Paris.