luxembourg garden tour

40 €    (~1,5 hours)

(walking tour in the garden + un unusual lecture with the private guide about the French people, how they live, their character, habits, food and passion)

The Luxembourg garden and its Palace - one of the most beautiful places in Paris, 

it originates in 1611.

The Palace was built on Salomon de Bross's project for the queen Maria Medici, its style is something between the Renaissance and Baroque.

The Luxembourg garden is the favourite place for citizens where they like to come regularly and walk around the garden, to sit close to the fountains, to make sport or to read a book in a quiet corner. If you do not see Luxembourg garden, it is hard to feel the soul of Paris fully.

That is why in our walking tour in "Jardin du Luxembourg" you not only will see the life of real Parisians, will be fascinated by beauty of the park itself, but also learn what the French people eat for breakfast, how to choose a good baguette, at what age they prefer to marry, how the Parisians get on with emigrants, what they do not like in daily life, where they prefer to go for holidays and many other interesting things =)