live print photo walk in paris


In colour pics:  40 photos - 150 €

                          60 photos - 190 €

                          80 photos - 220 €

Black&White:  40 photos - 180 €

                         60 photos - 220 €

                         80 photos - 250 €

Do you like everything unusual and original? Or may be you miss the days when the photos were printed right in front of you a second after the shot? Than you will definitely enjoy your live print photo walk!

What we propose:

- cool relaxed atmosphere

- an attentive guide-photographer who will show you the best places of Paris and capture you in wonderful live printed photos right there!

- during the walk you will see athmospheric and photogenic places of Paris: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, small pretty squares and narrow streets, Alexandr III bridge, Seine embarkments, typical French cafes.

- we will carefully pack all your photos in an envelope and give you at the end of our photo walk

Enjoy your memories of France!

*   *   *

If you prefer black&white photographs in retro style, or you need special "French" attributes to create a French atmosphere for your photo walk, we can do it for you too!

After that you can make for yourself a nice album with the most memorable places in Paris and show it to your family and friends.

*we want to inform you that, since these are instant photos, it may happen that you accidentally close your eyes on some of them, so we have calculated enought photos in advance to be sure to get a lot of beautiful photos. Our guide-photographer will also do his best to minimize the number of unsuccessful photos. Trust us! ;)